Map Gallery

Welcome to our map gallery. Our Interactive map, BayView, lets the user access a variety of data about Bay County and property within it. The other interactive maps here have been designed to bring you information on data focused to a single topic. If you need help using BayView please consult our how-to guide (PDF) or contact our office directly.

BayView Interactive Map

Interactive Map

Bay County Owned Property

Bay County Owned Property

Election Representation Districts

Elected Representatives

Half-Cent Surtax Projects

HalfCent Surtax Projects

Evacuation Zones

Evacuation Zones

Storm Surge and Tide

Storm Surge Zones

Zoning & Future Land Use

Future Land Use and Zoning

Development Applications


FEMA Flood Zones

Flood Zones

Planning Considerations


RESTORE Act Proposals

Restore Act

Traffic Cameras


Bay County Parks and Boat Ramps

Parks Ramps Trails

Points of Interest

Points Of Interest

School Attendance Zones



This GIS data is not a legal representation of the features depicted; any assumption of the legal status of this data is hereby disclaimed.