Beginning August 18, 2015, meeting documents for the Bay County Board of County Commissioners will be accessible through NovusAgenda. The system electronically stores meeting agendas, and attachments. Items can be easily searched using this system. To review Agendas and corresponding materials for meetings beginning August 18, 2015, please scroll down to where you see "Meeting Search." All current agendas and corresponding material can be found under the headings of "Meeting Date" and "Meeting Type." When you find the meeting you are interested in, please click on the corresponding icon located on the right. This icon enables you to view agendas and links to supplemental information.

Official Minutes Provided by the Clerk of the Court

The Florida Constitution provides for the Clerk to act as Ex-Officio Clerk to the Board of County Commissioners. In this capacity, a primary responsibility of the Clerk is to record and index minutes to the Board of County Commission meetings. The entire meeting is electronically recorded by the Clerk and the audio tapes are available to the public for listening purposes or purchase the following morning. This recording by an independent elected official assures the integrity of the minutes. 

Clerk of the Court Search link

Live Web Broadcast

Bay County Commission meetings are held at the Bay County Government Building, 840 West 11th Street, Panama City, and are broadcast live online and by WKGC Radio on FM 90.7.