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Sep 07

Making Heads or Tails of BP Oil Spill Restoration Projects - posted March 13, 2018

Posted on September 7, 2018 at 3:19 PM by Jim Muller

As a result of the BP oil spill, billions of dollars are going to restoration and recovery efforts in the Gulf, with most of that money going to restoration projects. Although there are many different types, restoration projects can be technical and difficult to understand. So how are members of the public supposed to make heads or tails of them?

To help the public better understand how to evaluate restoration projects, the Environmental Law Institute, in partnership with Steps Coalition, Audubon Mississippi, National Wildlife Federation, and Ocean Conservancy, will be hosting an in-person event in Gulfport, MS on “Making Heads or Tails of BP Oil Spill Restoration Projects.”

The event will bring together experts to cover topics such as how to navigate through restoration projects to understand when one “good” project could be prioritized over another, how to deal with scientific uncertainty, and how restoration projects work in practice. The goal of this event is to provide participants with tools and information about restoration projects so that they can more effectively engage in the restoration and recovery efforts moving forward.

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