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Feb 01

Triumph: 24 applications appear ineligible, News Herald, January 29, 2018

Posted on February 1, 2018 at 11:21 AM by Jim Muller

"Five private companies in Bay County — including Eastern Shipbuilding — submitted applications for Triumph Gulf Coast spill funds that “do not appear to be eligible at this time” under state law, the board decided Monday.

The Triumph board voted in favor of a staff recommendation to declare 24 of the 116 pre-applications that were submitted — including five private businesses and one nonprofit from Bay County — not eligible for the oil-spill funding, with many of those 24 being requests made by private companies.

But the companies are not out of the running for the funds as they could work with staff to resubmit a formal application giving more details about why they believe their project complies with the law, Triumph officials said Monday...."