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The original item was published from 12/19/2018 3:04:00 PM to 2/6/2020 3:50:46 PM.

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Recover Bay County

Posted on: October 22, 2018

[ARCHIVED] Hurricane Michael Oct. 22 update


Essential Information

Bay County is advising all general citizen inquiries to be directed to “211” operated by the United Way. Volunteers should register at Donations are preferred in the form money and can be sent to reputable, local charitable organizations. State assistance information can be found at 1-800-342-3557 or Impacted residents should register with FEMA at 1-800-621-3362, TTY: 1-800-462-7585 or Bay County Emergency Operations Center) is directing impacted residents to Crisis Cleanup at Call 800-451-1954 or
  • The Bay County medical examiner is reporting 19 casualties.
  • The 211 Citizen Hotline continues to receive non-emergency calls.
  • For families and friends out of the state looking for information, call 850-248-6099.
  • For up-to-date information, go to
  • A curfew is still in effect for Bay County from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m.
  • Weather is expected to be rainy with a high of 72 degrees and a low of 59 degrees. Citizens are advised to dress warmly for the lower temperatures.

Mosquito Aerial Spraying 

The overwhelming increase in the mosquito population has prompted the aerial spraying, under the advice of county health officials and in direct response to citizens’ recent requests.  Spraying will take place throughout Bay County, weather permitting, from dusk to dawn during hours of 8 p.m. through 5 a.m. 

The Florida Department of Health in Bay County and the Florida Department of Health state-wide are asking residents to exercise self-protection and precautions should continue to be taken. 


To protect yourself from mosquitoes, follow the five D’s of mosquito control:

  • Dump: After a storm, standing water can become a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Remember to dump out any standing water that you can. Make sure you use an EPA approved bug repellent and follow the directions on the label.
  • Dusk to Dawn: Mosquitoes prefer shady, humid areas where there is little wind. These are the times mosquitoes are most active. They avoid being outdoors during these times
  • Dress: Dress in light clothing with long sleeves and pants when you are outside.
  • Deet: If you are going to be outside when mosquitoes are most active, make sure you apply insect repellent.

Due to the loss of electricity from Hurricane Michael, stagnant swimming pools can become a breeding ground for mosquitoes. To kill mosquitoes and bacteria, please do the following;

  • Put two gallons of bleach in the pool or use shock (these items are available at opened hardware and/or big
        box stores).
  • Maintain one parts per million of free chlorine.
  • Add chlorine as necessary to maintain one parts per million.


Bay Town Trolley has started running the following: 

Routes 5, 6, 7, 8

10 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Every hour on the hour, except Sunday (traffic permitting)

Flag stops (asking the driver to stop) will be allowed along the route

Starting Tomorrow, Oct. 23 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., Bay Town Trolley will provide a transit route to the distribution and feeding sites on 17th and 9th Street in Lynn Haven. Additional transit route vehicles will be J Tran from Jacksonville, FL and are grey and red. Serving every hour as time and traffic permits.

Pick up and drop off sites as follows:

  • Millville Area - Asian Market at College Ave and 5th Street
  • Springfield Area - Goodwill at Business 98 and 3rd Street
  • Parker Area - Parker Elementary School on Bob Little Road
  • Callaway Area - Grocery Outlet on Tyndall Parkway

Legal Services of North Florida 

Under Florida Landlord Tenant Law, there is a casualty damage provision. This provision is the controlling law in a natural disaster, even if a lease says something different.

  • Landlords DO NOT have the right to terminate the lease due to damage to the unit.
  • Landlords DO NOT have the right to kick the tenant out in order to make repairs.
  • Landlords CAN NOT put language in a lease to waive the tenant’s rights under 83.63 Florida Statute.
  • Landlords MUST follow Florida Statute if they wish to evict a tenant or terminate a lease due to nonpayment of rent or violation of the lease or statute.

Residents are encouraged to seek out legal counsel through the Florida Disaster Legal Hotline 1-866-550-2929, their local attorneys or Legal Services of North Florida, home office in Tallahassee 850-385-9007 or the local branch in Panama City at 850-769-3581.
Pet Information

  • The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) and the American Humane Society are providing information on pets affected by Hurricane Michael.
  • Individuals looking to report missing or stranded pets should contact the Hurricane Michael pet hotline at 1-800-738-9437. It will be operational from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. ET.
  • If you have a lost animal, please post the animal’s information to
  • Go to for detailed information on resources such as available veterinarians, volunteering, and donations.


  • Fiber optic cable is critical. It carries traffic from cellular towers that serves first responders and provides life-saving communications. Don’t touch or cut any cables.
  • If you have any questions or to report a cut cable call 877-652-2321.

All WOW! Services on Panama City Beach and Inlet Beach are back up and operational as of 4 p.m.

Clean-up Safety Precautions 

Residents and others working to clean up debris left by Hurricane Michael could be at risk of sustaining injuries. The Florida Department of Health is urging residents to practice caution when cleaning in and around their homes. Every person involved in clean up should make sure they have an up-to-date tetanus vaccination and avoid heat stress when working outside or in non-air-conditioned buildings. There may also be unseen hazards under the water in areas that received storm surge or freshwater flooding. Flood waters can mask debris, downed power lines and other hazards. Residents and others working to clean up debris left by Hurricane Michael could be at risk of sustaining injuries. The Florida Department of Health is urging residents to practice caution when cleaning in and around their homes. Every person involved in clean up should make sure they have an up-to-date tetanus vaccination and avoid heat stress when working outside or in non-air-conditioned buildings. There may also be unseen hazards under the water in areas that received storm surge or freshwater flooding. Flood waters can mask debris, downed power lines and other hazards.

The department recommends the following tips to help clean up after Hurricane Michael:
  • Wear rubber boots and waterproof gloves during clean-up of sewage and to avoid injury and contamination.
  • Be careful about mixing household cleaners and disinfectants. Combining certain types of products can produce toxic fumes and result in injury or death.
  • Walls, hard-surfaced floors and many other household surfaces must be cleaned with soap and water and disinfected with a solution of 1 cup of bleach per 5 gallons of water.
  • Remove and discard contaminated household materials that cannot be disinfected such as wall-coverings, cloth and rugs. Wash all linens and clothing in hot water or dry-clean.
  • Drywall and insulation that have been soaked should be removed and discarded so disinfection and drying of the internal wall structure can take place.
  • Items that cannot be washed or dry-cleaned, such as mattresses and upholstered furniture, may possibly be air-dried in the sun and sprayed thoroughly with a disinfectant. However, these items may need to be discarded.
  • It can be difficult to throw away items in a home, particularly those with sentimental value. However, keeping certain items soaked by sewage or floodwaters may be unhealthy. In general, materials that cannot be thoroughly cleaned and dried within 24-48 hours should be discarded.
  • Fiberboard, fibrous insulation and disposable filters in your heating and air conditioning system should be replaced.
  • Chainsaws should only be operated in safe conditions and by people that are experienced in proper use. For more information chainsaw safety go to    

Wound Care/Tetanus

  • If you sustain a wound or deep cut that concerns you as you handle debris, seek medical attention. Make sure to ask your doctor if you need a tetanus booster vaccine.
  • Due to possible contamination, do not expose wounds to floodwaters.
  • Proper wound care is essential for all cuts and lacerations regardless of exposure to floodwaters. Clean wounds with soap and disinfected or bottled water.
  • Individuals deployed to work on recovery efforts are encouraged to contact their primary health care provider to make sure they are current on their tetanus vaccine.
Heat Safety

Everyone participating in post-storm clean up should practice heat safety. A person can experience sunstroke, heat cramps, heat exhaustion and even heatstroke if exposed to high temperatures for an extended period of time.

Warning signs of heat exhaustion include heavy sweating, paleness, muscle cramps, tiredness, weakness, dizziness, headache, nausea or vomiting and fainting. If heat exhaustion is untreated, it may progress to heat stroke. If symptoms become more severe or last longer than one hour, seek medical attention immediately. If you suspect you may have heat exhaustion, take the following cooling measures:

  • Drink cool, nonalcoholic beverages
  • Rest in an air-conditioned environment
  • Take a cool shower, bath or sponge bath
  • Wear lightweight clothing
  • Prevent sun burn by wearing sunscreen of 30 SPF.
To avoid becoming dehydrated, drink plenty of fluids, especially water, even if you don’t feel thirsty. Persons who have medical conditions such as kidney and heart disease, who require a fluid restricted diet, or who have problems with fluid retention should consult a physician before increasing their consumption of fluids.

Heat Safety Tips During Clean-up
  • Dress for the heat. Wear lightweight, light-colored clothing. Light colors will reflect away some of the sun’s energy. It is also a good idea to wear a hat or to use an umbrella.
  • Drink water. Carry water or juice with you and drink continuously even if you do not feel thirsty. Avoid alcohol and caffeine, which dehydrate the body.
  • Slow down and avoid strenuous activity. If you must do strenuous activity, do it during the coolest part of the day – morning hours between 4 and 7 a.m.
  • Stay indoors when possible. If air conditioning is not available, stay on the lowest floor out of the sunshine or find a local cooling center.
  • Be a good neighbor. Check in on elderly residents in your neighborhood and those who do not have air conditioning.
  • Don’t forget your pets. Make sure they have access to water, ventilation and shade.    For more information about debris clean up safety, visit
Operation Blue Roof
Operation Blue Roof, which temporarily repairs roofs at no cost to families, offers temporary covering of blue plastic sheeting helps reduce further damage to property until permanent repairs can be made. Primary residences that have standard shingled roofs are eligible to receive a temporary blue roof. Metal roofs and mobile homes will be considered for the program, as practical on a case-by-case basis. Roofs with greater than 50- percent structural damage are not eligible for this program. Renters must obtain legal permission from the homeowner to continue occupying the residence until more permanent repairs are made. Homeowners must sign a Right of Entry, or ROE, form to allow government employees and contractors onto their property to assess damage and install the temporary covering.

Right of Entry collection centers are located at:
  • Panama City Square, 525 W 23rd Street, Panama City    
  • Walmart near Pier Park, 15495 Panama City Beach Parkway, Panama City Beach    
  • Walmart, 2101 S. Hwy. 77, Lynn Haven

Centers are open from 8 a.m. – 6 p.m. daily. Additional locations may be added as necessary. For the most current information, please visit the Jacksonville District website at or call 1-888-ROOF-BLU (888-766-3258). Information is provided in both English and Spanish through this single number.


  • If you have a homeowner’s or flood insurance policy, file your insurance claim immediately before applying for disaster assistance. Get the process started quickly. The faster you file, the faster your recovery can begin.
  • The state of Florida’s toll-free Insurance Consumer Helpline (1-877-693-5236) can answer business and consumer-oriented insurance-related questions. CFO Patronis has launched a Hurricane Michael Insurance Resources webpage to provide comprehensive insurance information. Access the webpage at
  • Do you need to file an insurance complaint? You can contact a Division of Consumer Services specialist    directly by telephone on weekdays between the hours of 7 a.m. - 4 p.m. at the statewide, toll-free number    1-877-MY-FL-CFO (1-877-693-5236). If you are calling from out of state, please dial (850) 413-3089. You can also email or visit

Emergency Operations Center Current Focus

  • Continue to deliver mass care services in support of identified community needs until the county infrastructure systems are restored.
  • Continue to support responders with essential services in reinforcement of mission assurances during the disaster event.
  • Provide for the safety and security of citizens and responders by conducting protection operations in the county until termination of incident operations.
  • Manage event resources using approved finance policy guidance.
  • Continue public messaging focusing on public safety, public health and other critical needs.
  • Identify and order the resources required to begin the recovery process.
  • Develop a plan to address long-term housing needs.
  • Extend traffic control points both North and South away from Mexico Beach and provide for traffic turn around by 0800 on Oct. 23, 2018
  • Obtain case assessment data from Red Cross.
  • Conduct a meeting with all Human Services stakeholders about Old Airport Base Camp.
Debris Removal and Separation
Residents can help expedite debris removal by separating debris at the curbside into four categories:
  • Wood (trees, construction wood – plywood, timbers, etc.)
  • Non-wood construction debris – drywall, plumbing, wiring, etc.
  • Metal – flashing, tin, aluminum, etc.
  • Appliances    When placing debris curbside, do not place it over the water meter.
  • We are asking everyone to wait just a little longer before collecting and bringing donations of goods. We have so many items coming now and we do not yet have the infrastructure in place to process the many donations flowing already. Our focus has been rescue and providing the basics like safety, food, water, shelter, sanitation and clearing roads. In order for donations to be effective, there must be places to put the donations and people to package, transport, warehouse and distribute the donations. While a plan is in the works and will be available very soon, we are just not ready yet.
  • While we understand everyone’s desire to help, unsolicited donations of goods in a disaster area can add to the disaster, and much of it ends of up in the landfill, never reaching the survivors of the storm because there are no distribution channels in place.

Cash Donations


Please do not travel to the impacted area to volunteer without being assigned through an established disaster response group. We are seeing large numbers of untrained volunteers come forward wanting to help in areas that are still EXTREMELY UNSAFE. Volunteers not involved in a coordinated effort, though well-meaning, are a HINDRANCE when not PART OF AN ORGANIZED PROCESS. Those interested in volunteering can visit or to register on a volunteer database. You can also connect with an established relief organization or volunteer center to help.


  • Jimmy Weaver memorial Library in Hosford opened on Thursday, Oct. 18.Hours will be altered a little until curfew has been lifted.Please call the library for details, 850-379-3300.Temporary hours are Mon, Tues, Thurs. 9-5 EST; Sat 9-12 EST - normal services available.
  • Panama City Beach Public Library will re-open with reduced hours on Tuesday, Oct. 23rd.Temporary hours are Tuesday, through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.Please call library for more information, 850-233-5055.
  • Please do not return books or other library items to any libraries that are closed.Keep them and return when the library reopens.All fines and fees for items returned late or damaged due to Hurricane Michael will be waived.
  • PCB Library has internet access available.Computers, printer, copier, and the fax machine are also working.


  • Bay County Veterans Services will be open for inquiries and claims appointments at 850-248-8280 beginning Wednesday, Oct. 24, Monday through Friday from 8 a.m.-5 p.m.
  • Find out where to get healthcare Department Veterans Disaster Response Line 1-800-507-4571 24 hours.
  • Department of Veterans Affairs Pharmacy Customer Care (Bay County) 850-640-3062
  • The American Red Cross Emergency Communication Center and Cash Assistance 1-877-272-7337
  • FEMA 1-800-621-3362
  • for monetary assistance
  • Bay County Veterans Services 850-819-2920 for veterans information.
  • VA Clinics open for walk-ins accepted 8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
    Panama City Beach VA, 2600 Veterans Way along Magnolia Beach Rd.
  • Mobile Vet Center and Mobile Medical Unit in Panama City to offer medical care and counseling services to veterans in the community or primary care.

Cleanup Assistance

If you need assistance cleaning up your home, volunteer help may be available. Survivors and volunteers are matched and vetted through Signup to be added to their waiting list at or call 

1-800-451-1954 or 1-844-965-1386.

Burn Ban

  • Due to the high level of debris and favorable burning conditions, the Bay County Commission enacted a burn ban at the Tuesday, Oct. 16 commission meeting. The ban prohibits open burning, to include but not limited to campfires, wildfires, bonfires, trash burning and other similar forms of incineration.
  • State permitted burns, authorized fireworks displays and fireworks sales which are authorized by state law and outdoor cooking in barbecue grills, smokers, or other outdoor stoves located at private residences are exempt.
  • The ban will remain in effect until the fire-borne threat has ended.

Transitional Housing Assistance

  • FEMA is providing Transitional Sheltering Assistance for families in Bay County. TSA provides FEMA funded short-term lodging in hotels and motels for eligible disaster survivors who are unable to return home for an extended period due to disaster-related damages or inaccessibility of their communities.
  • FEMA is currently notifying eligible families in Bay County who have already applied for assistance of their sheltering options under TSA. Families in Bay County looking to confirm their TSA eligibility should call
        1-800-621-FEMA or visit for more information on TSA and to find participating hotels and motels or to begin the assistance process.
  • Rental assistance from FEMA lasts for an initial period of 90 days.
  • FEMA does not use vouchers for hotels. All sheltering in hotel or motels approved by FEMA is paid directly to hotels. Survivors do not receive vouchers from FEMA.

Salvation Army Feeding Sites 

Open for lunch 11-1 p.m. and dinner daily 5-6 p.m.

  • The Salvation Army-1824 W. 15th St., Panama City
  • Cedar Grove Elementary School-2825 15th St., Panama City
  • Winn Dixie Lynn Haven-1812 Lynn Haven Pkwy Lynn Haven FL
  • Walmart Callaway-725 N Tyndall Pkwy., Callaway
  • MLK Rec Center-705 14th St., Panama City
  • Old Kmart Parking Lot-7100 U.S. 98, Panama City
  • Jinks Middle School-600 W 11th St., Panama City
  • Coram’s -Hwy 2301 & 231
  • Parker Fire Department-4534 E Business 98
  • Callaway Elementary/High Praise Church-7115 FL Hwy. 22, Panama City
  • Walmart Panama City-513 W 23rd St., Panama City
  • Walmart Lynn Haven-2101 S Hwy. 77, Lynn Haven
  • Walmart Panama City Beach-10270 Front Beach Road
  • Springfield Elementary-520 School Ave., Panama City
  • Cove Shopping Center-901 Cherry St., Panama City
  • Hickory Plaza – St. Andrew-404 S Tyndall Pkwy Panama City
  • St. Andrews Bay – Piggly Wiggly-8012 Hwy 2301 Panama City
  • Winn Dixie Sherwood-3157 W 23rd St Panama City
FEMA Points of Distribution

Offers food and water while supplies last, items will be restocked continuously. OPEN 6:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. A limited supply of tarps are available. There are more tarps coming.

  • Deerpoint Elementary School 4800 CR 2321

Panama City

  • Rosenwald Middle School- 924 Bay Ave.
  • Panama City Seventh-Day Adventist Church and School - 2700 Lisenby Ave.


  • High Praise Church – 7124 SR 22

Mexico Beach

  • 1011 CR 386
FEMA Assistance

Although the federal government cannot make you whole, it may be able to help your recovery move forward by providing grants for basic repairs to make your home safe, accessible and secure. FEMA assistance also may provide temporary help with a place for you and your family to stay while you build your own recovery plan. To apply visit, or call 800-621-3362 (800-462-7585 TTY).  

You will need the following to apply for assistance:
  • Social Security Number;
  • Daytime telephone number;
  • Current mailing address and address and zip code of the damaged property; and
  • Insurance information, if available.  For more information about common questions and rumors, visit
Other Assistance

There are various feeding sites and locations with meals and water including self-stable and Meals-Ready-to-Eat (MREs). Please check with your local faith-based organizations and churches for donation and feeding information.

  • Bozeman School – 210 general population
  • Breakfast Point Academy – 437 general population
  • Surfside Middle School –  134 general population

Special Needs Shelters

The special needs shelter run by the Florida Department of Health in Bay County at Deane Bozeman School is now closed. People who qualify for the shelter will now be assessed, treated and transported to locations with additional resources as needed. DOH-Bay has served more than 100 clients in the Special Needs Shelter since our response to Hurricane Michael. Clients are now relocated as a proactive measure to ensure the safety of citizens with special needs that have been displaced from their homes by Hurricane Michael. The decision was made to move these vulnerable citizens to a safer location before any resources started to run low. Families can call 727-619-0182 for information about their loved ones.

Gas Pipelines/Service

TECO crews are continuing to respond to the area and assess gas lines as well as respond to gas leaks. Customers whose natural gas service was impacted by the storm can reach the Peoples Gas Hurricane Hotline & their dedicated team of customer service professionals at 850-914-6130. Residents should leave the premises immediately and then call the Peoples Gas 24-hour Emergency gas leak number at 1/877-832-6747. Say “emergency” or select option 1.

Power Outages

  • Bay County has approximately 29 percent of customers without power.
  • Gulf Power has approximately 23.7 percent of customers without power.
  • Gulf Coast Electric has approximately 74.3 percent without power.
  • Please do not call 9-1-1 to report power outages.
  • Gulf Power knows when your power is out. You can track outages on their outage map from your smartphone on the Gulf Power Outage Map or report power outages at
  • Gulf Coast Electric Coop will not charge any late fees as we repair our system and offices.
  • Gulf Coast Electric Coop customers can call 1-800-568-3667 to report an outage or view power outages on the outage map at
  • Bay District Schools anticipates that students will be back in school no later than the week of November 12th (sooner if possible).
  • The colors of the dress code will be temporarily waived, and Bay District Schools asks that students come dressed appropriately for school each day.
  • Bay District Schools is collecting donations from around the country and setting up donation stations at schools. Go to Facebook @baydistrictschools for more details.
  • Bay District Schools petitioned the state Department of Education for a waiver of many requirements (including the requirement to use FSA as a promotion requirement).
  • Petitioned the DOE to ensure that every senior graduates on time and that all students are promoted on time.
  • An email has been sent out to all school employees to check in as soon as possible.
  • The Supervisor of Elections Office opened on Thursday, Oct 18.
  • No new mail-in ballots will be sent out.
  • If you already have a mail-in ballot do not put in the mail. Hand deliver to designated locations still to be determined at a later time.
  • Due to the storm, five mega voting sites will be set up instead on your assigned voting precinct, locations to be determined at a later time.
  • Early voting begins Saturday, Oct. 27 for 12 hours each day through Election Day.

Court Services

  • Courts are closed through Friday, October 26. First appearances are being conducted at the jail, as they are federally mandated.


  • Bay County’s water and wastewater treatment plant and infrastructure sustained substantial damage.    Despite this, Utilities has made significant progress toward repairs, thanks to the help from DEP and FlaWARN
  • Water is being restored to many of the county’s wholesale customers, including Panama City Beach, Panama City, the Airport and unincorporated Bay County. Intermittent loss will occur as crews find and repair leaks. Please be patient.
  • If you have any questions about when service will be restored to your city, please call the city’s utility department.
  • Water has been restored to many unincorporated Bay County customers in Southport and northern Bay County.    Wastewater
  • All unincorporated Bay County wastewater treatment plants and lift stations are operational.
  • All wastewater systems are still highly vulnerable. As water services are restored, it is extremely important to limit shower time and flushing.
Boil Water Notice

Parts of Bay County remain under a mandatory boil water notice, however “Boil Water Orders” have been lifted in Bay County Retail Utility Service Area, Lynn Haven Utility Service Area and Panama City Beach Utility Service Area water systems. This only applies to customers who pay their utility bill to Bay County, Lynn Haven or the City of Panama City Beach.

If this applies to you, run water at each tap for approximately five (5) minutes to flush the lines. Plumbing lines serving misters, drinking fountains and soda machines should also be flushed for five (5) minutes. Discard the first bin of ice from icemakers. For more detailed guidelines see

 For Residents Still Under the Boil Water Order
  • If you have utility power or generator power, bring the water to a rolling boil for at least three minutes
  • If you do not have power, use bottled water or eight drops of regular, unscented household bleach per gallon of water to prepare it for cooking use.
  • For drinking, cooking, washing wounds, and brushing teeth, use bottled water or boiled water. Water should be held to a rolling boil for one minute.

County Offices

  • To all BOCC employees who have not reported to your supervisors, please do so as soon as possible in order to see if you are needed at work. You should contact your supervisor prior to Friday morning in case plans to report to work have changed.
  • Employees should expect to receive disaster work assignments based on needs and skills.
  • County office re-openings will be announced as they occur.

City of Mexico Beach

The Bay County Emergency Operations Center, in accordance with a request from the City of Mexico Beach, will initiate a series of enhanced checkpoints limiting traffic into Mexico Beach beginning at 6 a.m., Tuesday, Oct. 23. 

Traffic will be limited at the eastbound base of the DuPont Bridge on U.S. 98 in Parker; at the western city limit of Mexico Beach on U.S. 98 in Bay County; at the eastern city limit of Mexico Beach on U.S. 98 at the Gulf County line; and at County 386 in the area of 15th Street; north of the City of Mexico Beach. 

At the DuPont Bridge, traffic local to Tyndall Air Force Base will be directed to the right lane. Vehicles en route to Mexico Beach are directed to the left lane and must be properly authorized. Access to Mexico Beach will be limited to credentialed residents, property owners, insurance adjusters, city contractors, approved volunteer teams and charities, and federal, state, and local recovery officials. 

Drivers to and from Gulf County should take State 22 to State 71 South into Gulf County. 

The following message from the City of Mexico Beach outlines the credentialing process for people traveling to the city:

Beginning Tuesday, Oct. 23, 2018 Mexico Beach will implement a strict credential system to control the number and types of vehicles and people in Mexico Beach. The City will only be open to the following:

  • Residents, Property Owners and Property Management Companies: You must have evidence of property ownership or residency (driver’s license, deed, utility bill, etc.) to get your credentials. The City will provide you with a pass for your vehicle and a wristband that should be worn while in Mexico Beach. If you are already in the city, you can get a wristband and vehicle permit at City Hall beginning Tuesday, Oct. 23 in the afternoon.
  • Insurance Adjusters: Insurance adjusters must have a copy of their state-issued license, evidence of the company they work for and the specific appointment they are going to. Insurance adjusters will be given a single day pass.          
  • Debris haulers who are part of the team contracted through the City of Mexico Beach: No other debris haulers will be credentialed or admitted. Credentials will be provided to the main contractor.          
  • Credentialed volunteer teams and charities who have been approved to be in Mexico Beach: Credentials will be provided by the Volunteer Coordinator.          
  • Federal, state and local credentialed recovery officials: You will need to show evidence of your credentials but you will not need a specific Mexico Beach credential. 

Anyone other than those in these approved groups WILL BE TURNED AWAY at the checkpoints. To facilitate rapid restoration, the entrance to Mexico Beach at Highway 98 and CR 386 checkpoint will only be accessible for Duke Energy and city-contracted debris haulers at this time. We will be closely monitoring the traffic and access, and as soon as we feel it is safe to allow additional access, we will open it up.

Feeding/Supply Locations
  • Camp Happy Tummies, 111 22nd Street (next to City Hall); Hours: Breakfast 8:30 a.m.; dinner at 4 p.m.
  • World Central Kitchen, 1011 CR 386, 11:30 a.m. – 4 p.m.  Hot meals to public, volunteers and first responders;
  • Mexico Beach Strong, Love in the Storm, 36th Street & Hwy 98; Hours 7:30 a.m. – 7:30 p.m. Hot meals, water, snacks, non-perishables, bug spray, charcoal, batteries, hard hats, gloves, canned goods, tarps, dog food.
  • FEMA Point of Distribution (POD) at 1011 CR 386 (Bubba Harmon’s property) - Ice, water, cleaning supplies, light construction supplies, tarp, hygiene products.
City of Lynn Haven
  • Official information site is    •    Most of Lynn Haven are back on water. Boil Water messaging ongoing.
  • Household garbage pickup resumed on Tuesday, Oct.16.
  • #LynnHavenTogetherStrong
  • Critical needs include tarps and chainsaws.  Donations can be dropped off at the Southerland Event Center, located at 1112 Ohio Ave.
  • Supply and Donation Sites
        Water, food and basic supplies are being distributed and donations can be dropped off from 8 a.m. 5 p.m.:    
    • behind City Hall
    • Tyndall Federal Credit Union across from McDonalds -1601 FL 71
  • Debris Management    
    • 29 trucks are running and 286 loads of debris have been picked up        
    • Chipping operations started on Saturday 10/20        
  • Sewer Restoration    
    • Generators have been delivered to lift stations so that sewer service can be restored
City of Panama City

The City of Panama City’s Community Development Department asks that, for anyone returning to town in need of housing, please visit, and search by city, county or zip code. For some Hurricane Michael victims, up to $5,000 in funds are available to assist with relocation, roof tarps, roof replacement, electrical issues, insurance deductibles and deposits for rentals. Community Development has requested FEMA trailers for lodging for displaced Bay County residents.

  • Most City of Panama City customers have running water, but the pressure may be low. **When your water is restored, DO NOT DRINK IT! There is a Boil Water Notice in effect for everyone living in Bay County.
  • The City of Panama City has restored water to all water meters on commercial and residential properties within city limits following Hurricane Michael, but an estimated 500 customers do not have running water in their home or business because of water leaks on their properties.
  • Since Utilities crews began restoring water on October 16, 2018, they have turned off water meters as they noticed a leak or were notified of a leak on private property.
  • If your neighbor has water and you do not, the water valve on your property may have been turned off and/or there may be a leak in the lines supplying water to your home or business. Our crews are turning water meters off when they notice or are notified of a leak on private property. If the leak is between a home/office and the water meter then it is the property owner's responsibility to make repairs. The city repairs leaks located within the right-of-way.
Plumbing or Sewer Systems
  • To report water or sewer leaks, call our Utilities Department at (850) 872-3191. This phone line is to report water leaks ONLY. A high call volume will slow down the process of getting the information to our crews repairing leaks.
  • The sewer system is operational, BUT customers are urged to LIMIT THE SEWAGE they flush or send down the drain. Strain on the sewer system could result in sewer back-ups.
  • Property owners own and are responsible for the plumbing located between the home or business and the water meter. The city encourages owners in need of plumbing repairs to hire a licensed plumber.
  • Once repairs are made, it is permissible for owners and plumbers to turn on water meters. Owners can also call the Utilities Department at (850) 872-3191 for assistance with turning on water meters.
  • The city has not placed locks on any water meter since October 5, 2018.
  • Customers who need assistance with billing can visit the A.D. Harris Learning Village located at 819 E. 11th Street.


  • Gulf Power estimates power restoration to 95 percent of the remainder of customers who can receive power by Wednesday, Oct. 24.
  • If your meter box and electrical box WERE NOT damaged, Gulf Power will connect to it. If the equipment is damaged, a licensed electrician will need to make the necessary repairs and EP Consultants, Inc (EPCI) will need to complete an inspection. EPCI can be reached at (850) 774-5093. The fee will be waived. Notify Gulf Power at 1-888-225-5797 when your home is able to receive power.
  • Contractors will begin picking up debris this weekend. Sort your debris into four piles: household items, yard debris, construction items and appliances. All piles should be constructed along the right-of-way but out of the road and not blocking fire hydrants, water meters or mailboxes.
  • The city is collecting residential and commercial garbage but NOT following the normal collection schedule. Garbage will be collected in Millville on Monday Oct 22 and in the Cove on Tuesday Oct 23 or Wednesday Oct 24. Garbage will be collected 7 days a week for the next two weeks, or until a normal schedule is appropriate.
  • All Panama City customers should place their blue cans and bagged garbage by the roadway daily. DO NOT put construction debris in your blue bins
  • If your blue can is missing or damaged, please call (850) 872-3172 (Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. to    5 p.m.) to request a new one.
Comfort Stations
  • Comfort Stations continue to be set up throughout the City of Panama City. Once fully operational, each location will have food, water, ice, an air-conditioned tent, nice restrooms and showers.    A Facebook page called "Panama City Comfort Stations" has also been created to provide the community with updates on resources. Link:    
  • Locations:        
    • Martin Luther King Jr. Recreation Center        705 E. 14th Ct.
    • Daffin Park - Millville        320 Kraft Ave.
    • Cove Shopping Center - Cove        925 Cherry St. 
    • Al Helms Dog - next to walking park on Balboa Ave.        1022 Balboa Ave.
    • Northstar Church - St Andrews        2379 St Andrews Blvd.
    • Boys and Girls Club - 19th St.        3404 W. 19th St.
    • Old Party City Store        2015 W. 23rd St.
    • Palm Bay Prep Academy        1104 Balboa Ave.
    • Panama City Mall        Corner of 23rd St. and Hwy 77
City Commission Meeting
Regular meeting Tuesday Oct 23 at 8:00 am at the Oakland Terrace Club House- 1900 West 11th St

City of Springfield 
The food/supply distribution point continues operating daily at the Springfield Fire Station, 3728 E. 3rd St. from 7 a.m. – 5 p.m. While city employees are staffing this site, they are in need of volunteers to help. If you are interested in volunteering, please email MGRICE@Springfield.Fl.Gov. They are not accepting donations of clothing, furniture or household items at this time.
  • Working on getting pumps for sewer back online. Residents should limit flushing.
  • The city is opening nine master valves for the municipal water supply, with re-pressurization in progress. While this is occurring, residents need to ensure their water mains are shut off to allow faster re-pressurization and to prevent flooding of compromised water pipes in structures.
  • Municipal water service will be restored to 70 percent by the end of today. There have been numerous water main breaks as a result of Hurricane Michael and crews have been rapidly repairing them. If you see a flood or water main break, report it to any passing Springfield city employee or police officer, or, during daytime hours, report it to the command post behind city hall at 3529 E 3rd St.
  • A boil water advisory REMAINS IN EFFECT for Springfield until further notice.    •    All city roads have been cleared and are passable.
  • The city’s trash hauler, Mr. Trash, will resume service on Monday, Oct. 22.
  • Residential debris removal will begin next week. Residents can help expedite debris removal by separating debris at the curbside into four categories    
    • Wood (trees, construction wood – plywood, timbers, etc.)
    • Non-wood construction debris – drywall, plumbing, wiring, etc.
    • Metal – flashing, tin, aluminum, etc.
    • Appliances

When placing debris curbside, do not place it over the water meter. The City of Springfield will hold a commission meeting Monday to take action on the city’s storm-related recovery process.

 City of Parker

  • The City of Parker has restored water service throughout the city. A boil water advisory remains in effect for drinking or cooking until further notice. If you see any water leaking from any pipes or damaged structures, please report it to any passing city employee or police officer.
  • If you are approached by a roofing company, they must be licensed in the State of Florida and must pull a permit for repairs. Beware of unlicensed or unscrupulous businesses.
  • A food/supply distribution point has been in place at Parker Elementary School, 640 S. Hwy. 22 A, Panama City. Ice, bottled water, meals ready-to-eat, cots, pillows, blankets and limited baby and hygiene items are available from 7 a.m. – 7 p.m. daily. This is a drive-thru distribution point and the Florida National Guard will load the items into your car.
  • Waste Management, Waste Pro, Mr. Trash and Nate’s Sanitation have resumed normal trash pickup. Bargain Sanitation and Coqui Disposal Services are still pending resumption of service. The remaining four trash haulers will follow with the resumption of pickup.
  • The city is in the process of starting debris removal, possibly as early as Saturday. Residents can help expedite debris removal by separating debris at the curbside into four categories:    
    • Wood (trees, construction wood – plywood, timbers, etc.)
    • Non-wood construction debris – drywall, plumbing, wiring, etc.        o    Metal – flashing, tin, aluminum, etc.
    • Appliances        
  • When placing debris curbside, do not place it over the water meter.
  • The Parker City Council will hold an emergency meeting to award a contract for debris clearing and hauling at 11 a.m. Monday at city hall. The agenda also includes awarding a contract for the monitoring of debris cleaning and hauling, and the affirmation of the city’s declaration of emergency.    •    The city’s utility office is now accepting payments daily from 7:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
City of Callaway
  • City Hall is not open. Citizens can obtain information at the Fire Department (252 N. Star Avenue) or Public works (324 S. Berthe Avenue).
  • Water is available to 70 percent of customers and sewers are operational.
  • Callaway is still under a boil water notice.
  • Residential trash will be picked up by your contracted trash hauler.
  • Residents can help expedite debris removal by separating debris at the curbside into four categories:    
    • Wood (trees, construction wood – plywood, timbers, etc.)
    • Non-wood construction debris – drywall, plumbing, wiring, etc.
    • Metal – flashing, tin, aluminum, etc.
    • Appliances      
  • When placing debris curbside, do not place it over the water meter.
  • Distribution of food, water and personal items can be found at various locations along Hwy 22 and Tyndall Pkwy.
  • Residents are urged to turn off the breakers in their electrical panels until power is restored.  When power is restored, gradually turn on the breakers to prevent surges.
  • Assume all downed power lines are “hot” and avoid coming into contact with them.

Long-term, low-interest disaster loans from the U.S. Small Business Administration also may be available to cover losses not fully compensated by insurance and do not duplicate benefits of other agencies or organizations. Applicants may apply online using the Electronic Loan Application via the SBA’s secure website at or by calling the SBA Customer Service Center at 800-659-2955 (800-877-8339 for the deaf and hard-of-hearing) or by sending an e-mail to

Complete and Return Your SBA Disaster Assistance Loan Application to Advance Your Recovery

If you are referred to the Small Business Administration after applying for disaster assistance with FEMA, it’s important to complete and return your loan application to help move your recovery forward. If SBA determines you are eligible for a loan, you aren’t obligated to accept it, but completing the loan application as soon as possible helps you keep your recovery options open.

Do not wait for an insurance settlement before submitting an SBA loan application. Your insurance settlement may not cover all your losses related to Hurricane Michael. You may discover that you were underinsured for the labor and materials required to repair or replace your home. An SBA low-interest disaster loan could fill the gap.

Homeowners and renters who submit an SBA application and are not approved for a loan may be considered for certain other FEMA grants under Other Needs Assistance.Examples of other assistance that may require submitting the SBA application and getting a referral back to FEMA from SBA include:
  • Personal property replacement.
  • Moving and storage fees.
  • Financial help with disaster-caused vehicle repair or replacement expenses.    

Submit your SBA disaster loan application online at .. For questions, call the SBA at 800-659-2955 or 800-877-8339 (TTY). A video in American Sign Language explaining how to apply for an SBA low-interest disaster loan is available at .
To apply for disaster assistance: ·   Visit or·  call 800-621-3362 (voice, 711 or VRS) or 800-462-7585 (TTY) anytime from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. local time seven days a week until further notice. Multilingual operators are available.

Business Recovery
  • DEO has activated the Florida Small Business Emergency Bridge Loan Program. Information regarding the program can be obtained at
  • Businesses in impacted areas to assess damages and needs. The survey can be obtained at and click on the "2018 Michael" event.
  • The TDC is assisting the Emergency Operations Center. If your business is up and running anywhere in Bay County, let us know at    

Building Repairs/Permits/Hiring a Contractor

  • Residents living in the unincorporated areas, or outside city limits, with home or business damage may make temporary repairs to secure the structure. Permanent repairs are not permissible until the work can be properly permitted by the county. Bay County BOCC Builders Services has opened a temporary office located in between the Bay County Government Center located at 840 W. 11th Street, Panama City and the Bay County Public Library. This site will be used to issue permits, and in particular, electrical permits and will be open from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. seven days a week.
  • Please note that permits will be issued for unincorporated residents ONLY. If you live within city limits, you must go to your city builder services office. For more information, please call 850-716-6628 or 850-716-6619.
  • Florida law requires a contractor to be certified and/or licensed – not just a local business or occupational license – and have workers’ compensation insurance. The state sets specific rules and guidelines for professional licensing, standards that protect Floridians from personal harm or financial loss. Homeowners’ liability for injuries to uninsured contractors could be devastating.  Door-to-door repair operators and out-of-state contractors may seem attractive because they usually do not have a long waiting list, but they are perpetrating a fraud.
  • If you had damage to your home from the storm, it’s important that the work is done properly and that the person you hire is properly licensed. Contractors can easily be checked out by visiting or 850-487-1395.
Available Medical Services

Florida Department of Health in Bay County The Florida Department of Health in Bay County is now offering essential services. This includes; birth and death certificates, ADAP, Women Infants and Children (WIC), and Immunizations. Immunizations services includes Hep A and Tetanus shots free of charge. Hep A is needed for persons who come in contact with flood waters. Tetanus vaccinations are needed for persons who were cut by debris after the storm. Our current hours of operation are Monday – Friday from 10 a.m. – 3 p.m. Emergency diabetes supplies are available, while supplies last. Bring a box or prescription for insulin so we can provide the correct type and dose. Call 800-252-9656 to check supplies.

DOH-Bay is operating a mobile medical clinic in Mexico Beach from 11 am – 3 pm at the First Baptist Church on. Tetanus and Hep A vaccines are available as well as general medical care.

WIC benefits may have automatically uploaded to your account. Due to the emergency, they can be issued by phone. Call 850-252-9580 Monday – Friday from 10 am – 2 pm.

Emergency Diabetes Supplies, including insulin, are available at 597 W 11th ST from 10 am - 4 pm M - F. Please bring a box, or prescription, for your insulin, if possible, so we can provide the correct type and dose. You can call ahead to check on supplies at 850-252-9656. DOH-Bay also has plans to partner with AmeriCares to provide primary care and pharmacy services at 597 W 11th ST, Panama City. AmeriCares is a non-profit organization that provides health for persons affected by disasters. Details on dates and times will be provided soon.

Free Clinics
PanCare, the federally-qualified health care center, is open at their location at 2309 East 15th Street in Panama City for medical and dental. They are also offering mobile medical services at Walmart in Callaway located at 725 N Tyndall Parkway. Hours are 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. All services are free.  Their clinic in Youngstown will offer medical and dental services from 10 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. through Friday.

St. Andrews Community Medical Center is partnering with AmeriCares to provide a free clinic. The address is 3101b W Hwy 98, Panama City. Hours of operation are 8 am – 4 pm Monday – Friday.

Pediatric Care

Rainbow Pediatrics is now open on their beach location, 10800 Panama City Beach Parkway. They are seeing new and established patients on a walk-in basis from 9 am – 4 pm. Emerald Coast Pediatrics is seeing patients at their beach and town locations from 9 am – 3 pm.

Bright Pediatrics is offering a free walk-in clinic on Saturday, October 20 from Noon – 4 pm. They ask persons to bring prescription bottles for medication refills. Children from 0 – 21 years old will be seen. Physicals and vaccines will not be provided.


Patients of Emerald Coast OBGYN who are in labor or with emergencies related to their pregnancy, will be able to see a physician at Fort Walton Beach Medical Center beginning Saturday afternoon. Coastal OBGYN patients can call 850-902-4207 to schedule an appointment or to ask medical questions. Clients of All About Women who are over 35 weeks, high risk, or have a problem they feel needs attention can be seen at Dr. Hennessy’s office in Ft. Walton Beach next Tuesday and Friday afternoon. To make an appointment, call 850-866-3445. Deliveries will be at Ft. Walton Beach Medical Center starting Sunday, October 21.


Hope Regional Cancer Center is seeing new and existing patients at their main location at 2900 South HWY 77 during regular business hours.


DaVita and Fresenius are operating and servicing dialysis patients. Bay County Transportation is providing servicing for those patients to get to their medical care as normal. DaVita Panama City patients are now being seen at the Coastal near Bay Medical Sacred Heart.

Dental Care

Emerald Coast Dental Spa on Thomas Drive in Panama City Beach is open with free emergency dental services. They are also opened for dental care.

Medical Supplies

Palo Alto Church of Christ has free medical supplies while they last. The address is 3119 N HWY 231, Panama City. Supplies include; Pediasure, G-tubes for Kangaroo pumps and Infinity pumps, large assortment of medical grade disposable diapers for children 4 years and up, adult diapers, oxygen tanks, wheelchairs, shower chairs, crutches, and medical grade disposable gloves.

General Practice

Nations Best Family Healthcare is partially open at our Panama City office from 10am-4pm.  625 West Baldwin Road at 390. We are taking all comers on a first come first served basis regardless of insurance.

Physical Therapy

Beach location, 11501 Hutchison Blvd Suite 100 Panama City Beach is open and seeing town and beach patients now. Please call 850-248-1600 and you will be put in contact with office staff to be scheduled.

 Gulf Coast Facial Plastics

Gulf Coast facial plastics in ENT center will be opening Monday at 1 PM

The Institute of Endocrinology Diabetes Health and Hormones

The Panama City Beach branch is working normally Monday to Friday 7am to 4pm.


Under the Emergency Order, persons can get a 30-day refill of prescriptions. There are many pharmacies that are currently open in Bay County. To find a pharmacy near you, got to Winn Dixie has two mobile pharmacy units set-up, one at Transmitter and Hwy 231 and one at their 23rd Street location. You may also qualify for the Emergency Prescription Assistance Program. This program opens at 5 pm Thursday. This is for persons who do not have health insurance. Call the EPAP Hotline at 1-855-793-7470 to find out if you are eligible.

Life Management Center

Life Management Center is providing limited services at our Bonifay office at 310 Byrd Ave. from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday thru Friday. Medications are not available. For current clients in need of medication, the best thing to do is to call 850-899-5981. The Genoa Pharmacy at the main campus at 525 E 15th St in Panama City is open for medication refills on Monday-Friday from 8:00 am-at 5:00 pm.  All other Life Management services remain closed until further notice.

Assistance Services
  • For emergency services please call 911
  • For local service information call 211
  • For suicide prevention call the national Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 850-273-8255.
  • The Panama City Treatment Center is open from 6:30 – 11:30 am daily. They are treating current patients and guest dosers.    


Bay County is seeing a high number of injuries relating to storm clean-up. Please take proper precautions to ensure your safety. Wear rubber boots and waterproof gloves during clean-up to avoid injury and contamination. Items that have come in contact with sewage or floodwaters may be unhealthy. Chainsaws should be operated only by person who experienced in using them. If you get a wound or cut from debris, seek medical attention and ask for a Tetanus shot. These are available at DOH-Bay. When cleaning up mold, don’t mix cleaning products.


St. Andrews Community Medical Center is opened and seeing patients. Their address is 3101b W Hwy 98, Panama City, FL 32401. Hours are 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Americares is partnering with them to provide this service.

Bay Medical Sacred Heart and Gulf Coast Regional Medical Center are offering emergency room services. These units also have Hep A and Tetanus immunizations available. Each hospital is working on plans to provide additional services in stages. DOH-Bay is working in coordination with the hospitals on their plans to return to normal operations.

Bay Medical Center now has clinic locations that are opened. Magnolia- 2421 Thomas DR, Beach- 11111 PCB PKWY, Oceanpark- 23040 PCB PKWY. Call 850-770-3230 or visit

We realize many of our Mexico Beach residents utilize healthcare services in Gulf County. We want you all to know that Sacred Heart Hospital on the Gulf located at 3801 E. Hwy 98 in Port St. Joe is now opened with emergency room and inpatient services. All Sacred Heart Medical Group offices are now operating in Port St. Joe and Wewahitchka.


Food is safe in a full freezer for about 48 hours or 24 hours if it is half full. Refrigerated food is safe about four hours if it is unopened. After that time, perishable items such as meat, chicken, fish, cheese, milk, eggs, and leftovers should be thrown away. Take a picture for your insurance company before you dispose of items.

Tetanus Risks

No one should play in flood waters. The water can contain bacteria. If you have come in contact with flood waters, you should receive a Hep A vaccination. Again, these are available at DOH-Bay.

Tetanus is a risk when you get a puncture wound or cut. If you receive a puncture wound and it becomes contaminated with sewage, dirt or flood water, thoroughly clean the wound and have a healthcare provider determine whether a tetanus shot or booster is necessary.

If you feel you need a tetanus, please visit your closest emergency centers.

Tetanus Points of Distribution (Hours 10 a.m. – 3 p.m.)

  • Callaway Fire Department, 252 N Star Avenue: General public and first responders
  •  Bay County Sheriff’s Office, Hwy 77 in Lynn Haven – First responders only        

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