Mexico Beach

Bay County has been awarded $5,025,000.00 in CDBG-DR funds for the Mexico Beach Renourishment and Dune Restoration project. The eyewall of Hurricane Michael made direct landfall in Bay County, bringing unprecedented destruction to the City of Mexico Beach. Prior to the storm, the City’s beach had an extensive beach and dune system which provided critical habitat to shorebirds and turtles. The dune system also protected against surge and erosion in smaller events.

The loss of the dunes makes the city more vulnerable to surge and erosion post-Michael. This project will restore the beaches and dunes between 8th Street and 37th Street in the City of Mexico Beach. This restoration includes:

A) design/permitting

B) geotechnical testing/analysis to identify a suitable source of sand (offshore or inland)

C) construction of dunes and placement of sand to restore the beach (including dredging); and

D) stabilization including planting vegetation and sand fencing.