Flood Prevention


It is not the tidal waters of the bay systems that cause the most flooding problems. The primary cause of flooding is rainfall from our frequent and sometimes intensely stormy weather. Tidal water can flood coastal areas but it's the rainfall that creates the problems we notice most. The water may not be deep, but it can damage property and even pose a threat to personal safety.

Flood Zones

Builders' Services, has flood maps that indicate whether or not you may live in a flood hazard area. Flood maps and information on flood protection can also be found at the Bay County Public Library. The flood map information can also be viewed online in an electronic format interactive map from the GIS Department. To view flood zones, read and check the disclaimer, then Launch Map Viewer. Activate the “Flood Zones” layer by clicking on the “Emergency Planning” folder then checking the adjacent checkbox.

Additional information on flood zones, insurance, and many other flood protection topics can be found at the FEMA Flood website.

Flood Insurance

Flood insurance is available to all property owners. Homeowner's insurance policies do not cover damage from flooding, so you may want to talk to your insurance agent about purchasing a separate flood insurance policy. Since Bay County is a participant in the National Flood Insurance Program, flood insurance policies are available to its citizens. If you have flood insurance because your mortgage holder required it, it may not cover the loss of contents.

Flooding/Drainage Problems

If you have a flooding or drainage problem, please contact the Roads and Bridges Division. Maintenance personnel will investigate the complaint and respond accordingly. If the drainage system requires cleaning or repair, it will be prioritized along with other maintenance projects. Flooding problems that are not maintenance related will be referred to the engineering division for investigation and recommendation.

Help Prevent Flooding

The County's effort to be successful in flood control depends on your cooperation. There are several ways you can help prevent stormwater Pollution and keep our waterways clean.

  • Do not place any debris - lawn, trash, or otherwise in the stormwater inlets, ditches and other waterways. This includes grass clippings, which should be blown back onto the yard or vacuumed, not blown into the stormwater inlets. Dumping into the drainage system can easily create blockages and when it rains the water has nowhere to go, resulting in flooding. It is a violation of County Code to dump into any public drainage system.
  • If you see anyone dumping anything into stormwater inlets, ditches, or other waterways, report it to the Engineering Division at 850-248-8304.
  • If you see an active construction site within the unincorporated area of Bay County and there is no erosion control or ineffective erosion control, please report it to the Engineering Department.